A Brief Description of The Fund…

The David Kampic Siegel Nursing Fund supports RN training for new mothers in crisis. Marty and Cindy Siegel established this fund in 1991 in memory of their infant son, David Kampic Siegel. The Siegels with the help of many generous individuals completed this endowment of $50,000 in 1996. Ten percent of the earned income is annually granted to program.

A History of The Fund

In October of 1990, Cindy Siegel was expecting her first child. As a result of a traumatic internal occurrence, placentia abruptia, the Siegel’s first son, David, died while still in the womb just 2 weeks prior to his expected due date. Within hours of the loss of the baby, massive internal bleeding lead to an emergency surgical procedure to save the life of Cindy.

Following Cindy’s stay in the hospital and the burial of David, Marty and Cindy had time to reflect upon all that had occurred. One of the feelings that they both shared was a sense of gratitude to the entire hospital staff, who not only saved Cindy’s life, but went out of their way to help with the emotional piece of the healing process. As a result of this, Marty and Cindy approached the Methodist Hospital Foundation about the possibility of establishing a permanent endowment fund at the hospital. The purpose of the fund would be two-fold, to assist families who experience similar losses by providing funds for a private room, funeral expenses, family counseling, etc; and secondly to train the nursing staff and other hospital personnel in how to provide the best possible care for families that lose a child late in the pregnancy or experience a loss through a still born birth.

At the time Cindy and Marty approached the foundation with their proposal, the hospital had informed them that each year they had about a dozen late term pregnancy losses such as what Cindy experienced. It was the Siegel’s feeling that if a dozen families could be helped, then they should go ahead and try to make this endowment a reality.

Since 1990, thousands of families and hundreds of hospital and Park Nicollet staff have benefited from the David Kampic Siegel Fund. In 2004 alone over 1000 families received services and care through this wonderful program.


Endowment Fund Update



For those who would like additional information about the program or would themselves like to contribute, they may contact the foundation directly at the foundation’s website,

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